Buried Car/Time Capsule located with EMI | Houston, TX


TimeCapsule2Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) of the Houston, TX office was called by The City of Oak Ridge North to locate a buried car. The city buried the car 30 years ago as a time capsule with personal items from the community inside. Mitch Halquist and Nate Loyola, technicians on site, used EMI (Electromagnetic Induction) to locate and mark out the potential burial location. In the photo above, the EMI data shows the red/yellow area to be a highly conductivity area which would suggest a large metal object. While still on site, the city began to excavate the suspected area and after about 6’ of earth had been removed, the doorframe of the “time capsule” was exposed. This buried treasure was found!

GPRS of Houston, TX office covers Humble, Spring, Tomball, The Woodlands, Cypress, Katy, Missouri City, Pearland, League City and Pasadena, TX. For more information on utility locating or to arrange a Lunch and Learn Presentation, please contact Corey Brecht – Regional Manager at 281-728-7025 or Mitch Halquist – Project Manager at 713-253-7072. You can also email Corey at Corey.Brecht@gp-radar.com or Mitch at mitch.halquist@gp-radar.com.

GPRS Used to Locate Underground Utilities in
West Memphis, AR

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems’ Little Rock, AR office worked with a company to locate utilities prior to excavation at a truck fueling facility.  GPRS marked location and depth of vital fuel lines and other utilities.  GPRS uses non-destructive testing equipment to locate utilities, piping, power-lines, underground storage tanks, and grave sites that are unable to be seen. Using GPRS is a safe, cost effective way to make sure you can safely drill or dig and not destroy any underground utilities or determine if USTs do or do not exist on a property.

West Memphis

Other services we offer are: Post-Tension Cable Location, Conduit Mapping, Rebar Mapping, Void Location and more. If GPR services are needed in Arkansas, call Casey Barefield at 501.251.4036 or email at casey.barefield@gp-radar.com.

GPRS Finds the Location of a Sewer Pipe for a Customer in Ohio

Ohio2Bo McGee from GPRS Ohio region was called out to a plant to locate a sewer line in need of repair prior to the customer excavating.   Here are the comments from the customer on the project along with the before and after pictures.

“You not only found the “mystery” location of the sewer piping, but you discovered a network of live conduits that were in the planned cut zone.   As a result of your scans, we opted to jack-hammer the concrete instead of saw cutting it.  The marked locations for the conduit and sewer piping were right-on, and we had no difficulties during the excavation. “

GPR is a safe & cost efficient method to locate reinforcing steel, conduit, voids, etc. To learn more about the capabilities of GPRS in Northwest Ohio, contact Regional Manager, Bo McGee, at 419-481-6737 or bo.mcgee@gp-radar.com. You can also visit our website www.gp-radar.com for additional information.


Locating Reinforcement in an Elevated Slab – Kansas City, MO

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Kansas City was called to scan an elevated concrete slab at The Parkway Tower condominiums in downtown Kansas City, MO before coring for new fiber lines. The technician was able to mark out any reinforcement and conduits in the slab to allow the contractor to core holes without hitting anything.


Using GPR to analyze an area before coring is a smart and effective solution to help avoid conduits, post-tension cables, rebar and other items within the slab. Ground Penetrating Radar of Kansas City can also assist in any projects in Lawrence, Topeka, and St. Joseph areas. For more information about GPRS capabilities please contact Terry Jeffries at terry.jeffries@gp-radar.com or 913-232-6533.

Clearing Utilities at the US Open

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems’ Raleigh, North Carolina office was able to work with the USGA at Pinehurst to clear utilities in areas where drilling and digging would occur prior to the US Open. GPRS uses Non-Destructive testing equipment to locate piping, power-lines, underground storage tanks, and conduit that is unable to be seen. Using GPR is a safe, cost effective way to make sure you can safety drill or dig and not destroy any underground utilities or determine if UST’s do or do not exist on a property.


Other services we offer are; Post-Tension Cable Location, Conduit Mapping, Rebar Mapping, Void Location and more. If GPR services are needed in Raleigh/Durham call Mitch White at 919.794.1046 or email at mitch.white@gp-radar.com

Conduit Locating on a Pool Deck in Palm Beach, FL

Palm BeachA general contractor needed to saw cut the slab of a pool deck in Palm Beach, FL. The concrete area that needed to be scanned / x-rayed, using ground penetrating radar, was a pre-existing concrete slab and was known to have conduit in the slab. Thus they contacted the concrete specialists in conduit locating, Matt Rankin of GPRS. This application, conduit mapping, is a common job for GPR. GPRS, Inc. in South Florida took the call and mobilized to the site.

On site, GPRS was able analysis the concrete and find no conduit running through the deck, but found support beams, and marked those on the surface.  GPRS then collaborated with the contractor, as to the depth and location of the support beams. The advantage to radar compared to X-Ray is that radar can locate the obstructions from the surface of the ground, without dangerous radiation. The project was a success and why radar is “The New Way to X-Ray”.

Matt Rankin runs GPRS operations in the South Florida area. This includes Vero Beach to MIami. He can be reached at (561)252-6132 or matt.rankin@gp-radar.com. Locating conduit and beams is a very frequent service performed by the GPR technicians at GPRS Inc.

Private Utilities Located in Chesterfield, Virginia

The Richmond office of Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was recently called by a general contractor from Maryland to Meadowbrook High School in Chesterfield, VA. The scope of work was to locate the underground utilities surrounding a transformer so that the contractor could safely dig a new foundation to install new bleachers on the football field. In order to safely dig without damaging these lines, the contractor needed both the location and depths provided. Both the location and depth of all utilities in the surveyed area were located, marked, and flagged on the ground and the contractor was able to safely continue work. For more information on how GPRS, Inc. can help you on your next project, please contact Jonathan Mappin at 757-319-1903 or by email at jonathan.mappin@gp-radar.com.  GPRS, Inc. can also locate conduits, rebar, and post-tension cables in concrete.


Underground Storage Tank Locate – Mequon, WI

MequonThis scan was performed in the parking lot of a former manufacturing facility in Mequon, WI. A suspected underground storage tank was thought to remain on site and needed to be located as part of an environmental study. David Hagenmayer, with Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc., was called out search the area using a GPR system. After a short investigative scan of the area, David mapped out an anomaly that had characteristics consistent with known USTs. The area marked was excavated later that week and the UST was removed with surgical precision.

Ground Penetrating Radar is cost effective, non-hazardous, and provides data in real time.

For GPRS capabilities in The Midwest, please call (312) 882-0429 or email David.Hagenmayer@gp-radar.com.