GPR Used to Locate Reinforcement in DENVER, CO

GPRS, Inc. of Denver, CO was contacted by Heating & Plumbing Engineers, Inc. of Denver, CO to locate reinforcement in concrete slabs at the Denver International Airport South Terminal Redevelopment Program Hotel. The customer was looking to penetrate the slab with core drill to install mechanical lines through the slab. The customer was looking to avoid striking reinforcement in the slab which would jeopardize the structural integrity of the slab. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. arrived on site without delay to provide digital concrete imaging to the customer keeping the project on schedule without expensive repairs needed.


Ground Penetrating Radar was ideal on this site as it was a running job site with many construction personnel on site working to get the project done. GPR does not require evacuation of the area as does traditional x-ray concrete imaging. GPR emits no radiation and is completely safe to be around. Traditional xray is mostly done after hours; GPR can be done during normal business hours. All data findings are marked directly on the surface at the customer’s request for the easiest interpretation of the scanning provided. With GPR there is no wait for developing films as with traditional xray. Only one side of the slab is needed for scanning so time and resources are much more ideal for tight schedules of projects. Ground Penetrating Radar is the new way to x-ray!

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. specializes in ground penetrating radar service and is our primary source of revenue. With that in mind, the amount of experience and specialization of concrete imaging and investigations as well as a nationwide network of technitions; GPRS, Inc. is unrivaled in the industry. GPRS, Inc. can supply your project with the safest and most accurate ground penetrating radar service in the business. Your safety and job effiency is our main goal at Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc.

If you are interested in learning more about our concrete imaging capabilities or other Ground Penetrating Radar applications such as locating Utilities and sub-surface anomalies along a proposed pipeline trench, locating Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), clearing boring locations of possible Utilities for soil samples, Void Detection or even structural investigations. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo or lunch and learn – let us buy your team lunch so we can tell you more about our company and what we can offer your company and projects. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems has an office local in Denver, CO serving all of Colorado and Wyoming as well as local offices in Salt Lake City UT, Albuquerque NM, Phoenix AZ, Omaha NE, and Kansas City as well as offices in nearly every major city in the United States as well as an office to open soon in Canada. Contact Ryan Shannon (Project Manager) at 303.913.8630 or today to schedule an appointment or with any inquiries.

Ground Penetrating Radar Scan to Locate Conduits Embedded in an Elevated Slab at a Professional Baseball Stadium in Detroit, MI


Prior to concrete saw cutting it’s essential to have the information needed to perform the demolition without compromising any existing utilities that may be embedded in the slab. This is especially important when dealing with a professional sports franchise stadium. As they say the show must go on but it’s better to have all the lights working properly than not.

Baseball2The facilities manager affiliated with a professional baseball team had a project where they had to saw cut out a section of an elevated slab inside the stadium to replace some worn concrete. The baseball team was traveling on a current road trip & the facilities manager only had a week to complete the project before the team returned home. They couldn’t afford to damage any existing utilities during the saw cutting process since they had limited time to complete it. The facilities manager contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Detroit to scan the elevated slab & determine if any conduits were in the area of the proposed saw cut. When GPRS showed up onsite they noticed an electrical room nearby. This was a definite sign of possible conduits passing through the area. Sure enough, GPRS was able to locate a live power conduit that fed some lighting inside the stadium. They marked the path directly on the surface in a clear manner so the saw cutting team wouldn’t have any issues. The facilities manager was pleased that a potential headache was diverted by contacting GPRS.

The next time you have a need to locate sub-surface utilities in the Ann Arbor MI & Detroit MI area, contact Regional Manager, Thaddeus Bullock at 734.377.4551 or You can also visit our website at

Conduit Locating in Palm Beach, FL

A general contractor needed to drill into a concrete wall in Miami, FL. The concrete area that needed to be scanned / x-rayed, using ground penetrating radar, was a poured concrete wall and was known to have conduit in it. Thus they contacted the concrete specialists in conduit locating, Matt Rankin of GPRS. This application, conduit mapping, is a common job for GPR. GPRS, Inc. in South Florida took the call and mobilized to the site.

On site, GPRS was able analysis the concrete and find the conduit running through the wall and marked those on the surface. GPRS then collaborated with the contractor, as to the depth and location of the conduit. The advantage to radar compared to X-Ray is that radar can locate the obstructions from the surface of the ground, without dangerous radiation. The project was a success and why radar is “The New Way to X-Ray”.

Matt Rankin runs GPRS operations in the South Florida area. This includes Vero Beach to MIami. He can be reached at (561)252-6132 or Locating conduit is a very frequent service performed by the GPR technicians at GPRS Inc.

Palm Beach

CONCRETE SCAN | The Woodlands, TX

The Woodlands

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) of the Houston, TX office was called by Hoar Construction to locate reinforcement in the slab of the balconies at the 8 story multi-family complex in The Woodlands, Tx. In order to safely secure the storm-rated sliding doors to the concrete slab with 3” anchor bolts, Mitch Halquist, technician on site, used GPR (ground penetrating radar) 1600 MHz antenna to locate and mark out reinforcement in the slab such as post tension cables and rebar.

GPRS of Houston, TX office covers Humble, Spring, Tomball, The Woodlands, Cypress, Katy, Missouri City, Pearland, League City and Pasadena, TX. For more information onutility locating or to arrange a Lunch and Learn Presentation, please contact Corey Brecht – Regional Manager at 281-728-7025 or Mitch Halquist – Project Manager at 713-253-7072. You can also email Corey at or Mitch at

Locating Utilities and Steel Reinforcement in Rochester, NY

Environmental Resource Management was working on a project in a manufacturing plant in Rochester, NY and as part of this needed conduct soil borings in several locations throughout the location. In order to determine where they could drill they needed to have the steel reinforcement mapped out, as well as utilities running through the floors mapped out. Environmental Resource Management, who is a regular customer of GPRS Inc. called the local representative to come out and conduct the survey.

Jim Bell of the Upstate, NY office, which focuses on the Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, and Albany markets mobilized to the site and was able to quickly detect and lay out the steel reinforcement as conduit running through the areas near the boring locations. Jim and GPR were able to complete this project in real time and with none of the radiation concerns that come with using x-ray to locate tensioned cables or rebar.

The picture below shows the location which was surveyed. If you are interested in obtaining more information or a quote please visit our “Contact Us” page for a local representative near you. GPRS, Inc. now has an office located in the Upstate New York area that can more adequately meet the needs of contractors who desire the use of ground penetrating radar in the Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, and Albany areas.

Steel Reinforcement in Rochester
This image shows the area of the floor that was surveyed by GPRS

Underground Storage Tanks Located – Warsaw, IN

GPRS of Indiana was hired to locate any underground storage tanks at an AutoZone in Warsaw, IN. The Autozone’s parking lot was built over a former gas station lot. It was suspected that the old gas station tanks were never removed after it closed. A technician was able to pinpoint the location and depths of five underground tanks, as well as some abandoned piping associated with the gas station. For UST and utility locating projects in the Indianapolis area call Sam Baldwin at(317) 504-1068 or e-mail:


GPRS Conducts Private Utility Locate near Nashville, TN

500 kv Substation

A general contractor had a project at a 500 kv Substation near Nashville, TN where they needed to dig a long trench in order to run new electrical conduit. It was unknown what utilities they might encounter while excavating the new trench. Prior to proceeding, they contacted GPRS of Tennessee to gain the information needed to safely excavate so they didn’t compromise anything existing during the construction process.

We use the latest ground penetrating technology to provide critical information on utilities, materials, and other potential obstructions within existing structures or underground. Fast and reliable, GPRS provides both two- and three-dimensional images of the scanned areas without delivering any radiation. All of our equipment is registered and meets all standard FCC regulations.

Utilizing GPR reduces risk and cost, promotes a safe work environment, and provides non-destructive testing by locating materials such as concrete, plastic, metal, steel and pavement. Our client base includes hospitals, universities, surveyors, engineers, homeowners, contractors, environmentalists, and excavators.

For your next sub-surface project in Nashville, Tennessee, contact Regional Manager, Matt Johnson, at 615.418.4023 or You can also visit our website at

GPRS Locates Utilities at Federal Courthouse – Nashville, TN

In June of 2014, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. (GPRS) was contacted by a local consulting firm to help identify underground utilities on the campus of the Federal Courthouse in Nashville, TN. The contractor was conducting soil boring testing and did not want to strike any underground utilities during the drilling process. The company contacted GPRS of Nashville, Tennessee in order to know where the lines were located in order to avoid hitting any of them.


Matt Johnson of GPRS was contacted in order to perform the survey at this location. Using our 400MHz antenna radar equipment, we were able to map out all of the anomalies which were running through the areas of concern as well as provide depths to the tops of the anomalies found. The contractor was pleased with our results and felt relieved that they were able to work in the areas knowing where the anomalies were located.


GPRS uses safe & cost effective methods to complete GPR scans. They are able to provide real time results for their clients so projects can continue without hesitation. The next time you have a project with a need to see sub surface in the Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga or Memphis areas, please contact Regional Manager, Matt Johnson, at 615.418.4023 or