GPR Used to Locate Utilities in Fort Myers, FL

In October of 2014, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. (GPRS) was contacted by an energy company in order to locate utilities such as sewer lines, electric, water lines, power, communication and any other anomalies in Fort Myers, FL. The company needed to make certain of where these anomalies were running in order to do a trench to install new communication cables through the property. The company contacted GPRS of Tampa, Florida in order to know where the lines were located in order to avoid hitting any of them.

Justin Rasanow of GPRS was contacted in order to perform the survey at this location. Using our 400MHz antenna radar equipment, we were able to map out the utilities and other anomalies which were running through the areas of concern as well as provide depths to the tops of the anomalies found. The contractor was pleased with our results and felt relieved that they were able to work in the areas knowing where the utilities and other anomalies were located.

Below is a photo taken on-site which depicts Justin locating utilities running through the area of concern.

GPR Used to locate Utilities in Fort Myers, FL

Concrete Imaging Technology Utilized to Locate Reinforcing Steel and Conduit prior to Core Drilling

West Seattle JSS

A large construction company had a project in West Seattle, building a new apartment and retail complex. There was a need to install new floor outlets throughout the building, which meant concrete sawing and coring was needed. Prior to beginning the sawing and drilling processess, the contractor contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Portland to scan the floors to locate the reinforcing steel and any conduit present. GPRS used a 1600 mhz antenna for the project that allowed for precise locating of the reinforcement/conduit. GPRS marked the reinforcing steel pattern and conduit locations directly on the floor using black permanent marker so the cutting and coring areas were clear prior to continuing the project. The general contractor had all the information needed to proceed with confidence, to drill and saw through the floor and install the new electrical outlets.

To learn more about the capabilities of GPRS in the Pacific Northwest, contact Project Manager, Eric Steyer, at 503.502.4781 or

GPR Technology Utilized to Locate the Reinforcing Steel Pattern on a Wall Inside a Business in Ypsilanti, MI

Ypsilanti, MI 1
A General Contractor had a project inside a brewery in Ypsilanti MI where they were going to cut an opening in a wall. The brewery needed the new opening so forklifts could more easily access the inside of refrigerated area. They already had 1 opening in that same wall so engineers were concerned with the integrity of the wall being compromised if another opening was cut out. They had to find out how much reinforcing steel was embedded in the wall before making the decision to proceed with cutting another opening. The General Contractor contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Michigan to perform a GPR investigation of a section of the wall to provide the reinforcing steel pattern. GPRS was able to scan above the refrigerated area on the same wall to be cut out & mark the reinforcing steel directly on the walls surface. It was determined by GPRS that the wall had a double mat of reinforcing steel stacked directly in the same plane but at different depths inside the wall. The technology & experience utilized by GPRS allowed them to scan from one side of the wall to determine the double mat. They then took detailed pictures of the wall scanned to implement into a report for the engineer. GPRS also took measurements to provide the spacing of the reinforcing steel.

Ypsilanti, MI 2

Please contact Regional Manager of the Ann Arbor & Detroit areas, Thaddeus Bullock, at 734.377.4551 or with questions regarding sub-surface capabilities.

Rebar Locate in Park City, UT

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contacted by a general contractor to locate all of the rebar in multiple locations of a suspended slab. The contract was putting in heating tubing to melt the snow off the slab in the winter time. The contractor needed to core drill every twelve inches. He was worried about the structural integrity of the slab with that many core drills running through it. The contractor wanted to miss as much rebar as possible. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems came out and successfully located all of the rebar in the specific locations.

Rebar Locate in Park City, UT 1Rebar Locate in Park City, UT 2

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems used a GSSI 1600 MHz antenna for this application to locate the reinforcement. All findings were marked directly on the concrete at the customer’s request for easy interpretation. GPR was ideal for this application due to the active work site in the surrounding areas. GPR emits no radiation and is safe for others to work in the area near the scan location.

For a similar scan on your job site in Utah, Idaho, or Montana please contact Adam Kubicki at or at 801-599-2115. X-ray has also been used in Provo, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Orem. Sonar has also been used to locate utilities in Heber City, Price, Vernal, and Spanish Fork.

Locating Underground Utilities in Butler Park Austin

Locating Underground Utilities in Butler Park Austin

Recent festivities at Butler Park in Austin, Texas, called for large tents to be installed. These tents required large stakes to be driven into the soil to keep them firmly planted. In years past the driving of these stakes has resulted in damages to electrical and water lines. For this reason event planners made sure to have GPRS perform underground utility inspections first. After GPRS completed scanning and marking sub surface obstructions the event planners were able to set up their tents without issue.

If you’d like more information on how GPRS can help you avoid damaging underground utilities contact Corey Brecht at 512-417-6105 or

Post Tension Locating in Charlotte, NC

On October 28th, 2014 Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was requested on site to complete a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey. The purpose of this survey was to locate post tension cables in the elevated slab prior to anchoring in the slab. Both the uniform cables and banded cables were marked on the surface with spray paint. The customer was then able to proceed to layout the CMU walls, and rebar embedments.

We used a GSSI (Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc) Ground Penetrating Radar Unit with one specific antenna. The antenna used on this project was a 1600MHz antenna which was used to locate post tension cables in the slab.

Curtis Hoag
Project Manager | Charlotte, NC
P 704.582.3219
F 419.843.5829

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc.

Post Tension Locating in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC

On October 30th, 2014, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was requested on site at Carowinds Amusement Park to perform a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey. The purpose of the scanning was to locate reinforcement in the new piers and footings that are being put in place for a new rollercoaster that is going in for 2015. The purpose was to locate the reinforcement prior to anchoring into the piers.

Curtis Hoag
Project Manager | Charlotte, NC
P 704.582.3219
F 419.843.5829

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc.

Minneapolis International Airport – Post Tension Mapping

Recently a couple of leading global providers of vehicle rental services at the Minneapolis/ St. Paul International Airport swapped locations within the rental/ rental return parking ramps. This project involved completely re-striping the new areas, moving and installing new traffic control spikes and booths, removing and re-installing all new signage throughout the areas etc. All of this occurred while rentals flowed out and rental returns came back in throughout the process. It’s a rather large coordination effort involving many days and much planning to complete.

Once again, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was called upon to assist the various contractors with locating the post tension cables, steel reinforcement, utilities and conduits located within the concrete. GPRS was called upon so that they could complete their installs in a timely fashion and do as little as possible to disrupt the flow of business to the vehicle rental providers.

GPRS Project Manager, Troy Bartlett was contacted to scan and map the post-tension and rebar in the floor, ceiling, columns and the beams of the parking ramp. His efforts allowed the contractors to stay ahead of schedule with the installation, without disrupting the daily customers of the vehicle rental facilities.

Minneapolis International Airport 1 Minneapolis International Airport 2

For GPRS applications in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota, call 320.247.0451 or 507.884.0836, or email

Concrete Scan Samuel Adams Brewery – Allentown, PA

Concrete Scan Samuel AdamsFew things can give you a headache like trying to dig unknowing of what might be under your feet. Our friends at the Samuel Adams Brewery in Allentown, Pennsylvania couldn’t agree more. So when they needed to perform a demolition in their cellar to repair a broken drainage pipe, Rhett Teller and Daniel Slachta of Ground Penetrating Radar Systems offered them the unique ability to “see” into the concrete and locate any live electrical conduits that crossed over top of their drain line. They scanned first for live current with a radio detection wand, and then coupled their findings with their ground penetrating scanner to “x-ray” the concrete to confirm their findings. This isn’t the first time that Samuel Adams has used GPRS service before. In fact, they have come to rely on GPRS almost exclusively before performing any cutting, coring or excavating at their facility. They realize that the cost of the service is far outweighed by avoiding the potential nightmare of an incursion. Customers of GPRS are not only provided with the locations of any obstructions under the surface, but any obstructions are also marked with an accurate depth.

The next time you have a need to locate sub-surface utilities in Delaware, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania or the surrounding areas contact Project Managers,

Rhett Teller: 215.694.4747

Daniel Slachta: 609.350.9651

Or visit our website at

Underground Utility Location in Palm Beach, FL

Underground Utility Location in Palm Beach, FL

A General contractor needed to excavate a designated area and needed to locate the underground utilities in Palm Beach, FL. The area to be scanned / x-rayed, using ground penetrating radar, was private property. Thus they contacted the private underground utility locators, Matt Rankin of GPRS. This application, underground utility locating, is a common job for GPR. GPRS, Inc. in South Florida took the call and mobilized to the site.

On site, GPRS was able to identify the underground utilities, quickly and accurately. After scanning the property, we marked the underground utilities and depth on the surface. GPRS then collaborated with the contractor, as to the depth and location of the underground utilities. The advantage to radar compared to X-Ray is that radar can locate the underground utilities from the surface of the ground, without dangerous radiation. The project was a success and why radar is “The New Way to X-Ray”.

Matt Rankin runs GPRS operations in the South Florida area. This includes Vero Beach to Miami. He can be reached at (561)252-6132 or Locating underground utilities is a very frequent service performed by the GPR technicians at GPRS Inc.