GPRS: Looking Forward to 2016

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) has been providing expert, professional sub-surface detection services since 2001. The company was started by Matt Aston in Toledo, Ohio, and soon expanded throughout Ohio and Michigan by 2004. The company began its national expansion effort in 2008 and now has offices in every major US city and is currently expanding in Canada. As we close out 2015 and reflect on the continued upward trend we have seen, we look forward to the journey we will embark on for 2016.

GPRS is driven to provide concrete scanning and utility locating services as fast as possible. The DC market developed a Rapid Response Program in order to provide service within 24 hours in a 60 mile radius. It has proven to be a successful program and is being adopted in other markets in the Midwest and in Texas. In 2016 we will increase our arsenal of technicians by hiring and training close to 30 more technicians across the US and an additional 3 technicians to expand the Canadian market.

In an economy that has seen its ups and downs, GPRS continues to show tremendous growth while maintaining exceptional service. We are raising the bar in 2016 by rolling out our fleet of 2016 Chevy Colorados with GPRS graphics, which is just another way to arrive on your jobsite with the professionalism our clients expect. When you see our vehicles and you meet our experienced technicians we are assuring you the best outcome on your project.

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Concrete Depths and Reinforcing Patterns Identified in Chesapeake, VA

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Virginia was utilized in a large production plant in Chesapeake, VA by a general contractor needing to know the reinforcing pattern and slab depths in several areas. They called GPRS for these services because of our safety qualifications and reputation for quality. GPRS Project Manager Josiah Donaldson verified the location, depth, and direction of reinforcing in the concrete slabs in several areas. Afterwards, a report was prepared outlining the results.

GPRS of Virginia performs GPR concrete and ground scanning to locate underground storage tanks, utilities, concrete slab reinforcing and more. Whether you are locating utilities or satisfying the bank’s questions about any subsurface surprises, GPRS has your answers. For concrete scanning projects in Richmond, Williamsburg, or Tidewater, VA contact Josiah Donaldson at or call 804-393-8744 or 757-319-1903.

Concrete Depths and Reinforcing Patterns Identified in Chesapeake, VAConcrete Depths and Reinforcing Patterns Identified in Chesapeake, VA 2

Core Drilling Multiple Holes at Hospital in Royal Oak, MI

Core drilling numerous holes on an elevated slab can be a difficult challenge due to the fact that you are not able to see where existing structures are below the elevated slab or any utilities that are embedded in the concrete itself. Ground penetrating radar can be used to provide the answers to these questions. Having a properly trained GPR technician onsite can help create a less stressful & safer environment for everyone involved on the construction project.

Core Drilling Multiple Holes at Hospital in Royal Oak, MI

GPRS of Michigan was recently contacted by a general contractor to scan the concrete in several areas inside a hospital in Royal Oak MI. Numerous holes had to be core drilled in the future to connect to existing utilities below. The elevated concrete slab had structural beams supporting the deck. It was essential that the general contractor not drill into any of these concrete beams. They did not have any as-built drawings showing paths of possible conduits passing through the space that may have been embedded in the concrete slab. GPRS was able to utilize a 1600 MHz concrete antenna to scan all areas to locate the structural support beams. They also marked multiple conduits that were passing through the space. Everything was marked directly on the surface in a clear manner so everyone involved with the coring process had an understanding on what areas could be drilled and the areas to avoid.

Core Drilling Multiple Holes at Hospital in Royal Oak, MI 2

Prior to saw cutting, core drilling, excavating or boring in the Ann Arbor/Detroit areas, be safe & get as many questions answered as to what sub-surface obstructions are present. Contact GPRS Regional Manager, Thaddeus Bullock, at 734.377.4551 or

GPR used to locate reinforcement in Colorado Springs, CO

GPRS of Denver, CO was contacted by a contractor to confirm the existence of reinforcing steel in a concrete foundation in the Emu pen at a local zoo in Colorado Springs, CO. The customer needed to confirm the concrete foundation included reinforcing steel when it was poured. GPRS, Inc. arrived on site to perform digital concrete imaging using ground penetrating radar (GPR) to determine the existence of rebar in the concrete foundation.

GPR was ideal on this site as the slab was over grade because it does not require both sides of the concrete slab unlike traditional x-ray. GPR emits no radiation and is completely safe to be around. All data findings are marked directly on the surface at the customer’s request for the easiest interpretation of the scanning provided.

GPR used to locate reinforcement in COLORADO SPRINGS, CO

If you are interested in learning more about our concrete imaging capabilities or other GPR applications such as locating utilities, underground storage tanks (USTs), clearing boring locations of possible utilities for soil samples, void detection or even structural investigations. GPRS has an office in Denver, CO serving all of Colorado and Wyoming as well as local offices in Salt Lake City UT, Albuquerque NM, Phoenix AZ, Omaha NE, and Kansas City. Contact Project Manager Ryan Shannon at 303.913.8630 or for more information, to request a quote or to schedule your next project.

Metal to PVC Suspected and Confirmed by GPRS in El Paso, TX

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Project Manager, Joseph R. Granados of El Paso Texas was contacted recently to clear a lot in NE El Paso. The company completing the construction refused to believe that Joseph was claiming the pipe they were locating was metal to PVC pipe. The contractors chuckled and sent Joseph on his way. The location was scanned for utilities such as water lines, electrical lines, telecommunication, fiber lines, and gas lines. All of the utilities were mapped on site and painted on the surface (with depth) to signify the location of the utility beneath the surface. The drilling company was able to excavate and examine the pipe for themselves. This picture was sent to Joseph with an apology. Most importantly the construction company was able to drill each location without disrupting any live-utilities, or injuring any of their employees, thanks to the locate work completed by GPRS.

Metal to PVC Suspected and Confirmed by GPRS in El Paso, TX

If you would like a quote or more information on how GPRS may be able to keep your job site safer and on schedule, please contact the El Paso, TX project manager Joseph R. Granados at 915-765-7442 or at You can also visit our website at


Stadium Support Columns Scanned for Reinforcement

GPRS of Nashville, TN recently worked with a local sign company to identify metal reinforcement in concrete columns prior to installation of brackets for the new Nissan Stadium sign. Multiple columns were accessed, and the precise location of rebar was marked so anchors would not impact rebar and weaken the columns. GPRS uses non-destructive testing equipment to locate piping, reinforcement, and conduits that are unable to be seen. Using GPRS is a safe, cost effective way to make sure you can safely drill or cut and not destroy any conduits or reinforcement.

Stadium Support Columns Scanned for Reinforcement

GPRS also provides services for underground utility mapping, underground storage tank (UST) locating, rebar mapping, void locating and more. If GPR services are needed in Nashville, call Casey Barefield at 615.418.4023 or email

Underground Utilities Located at Military Base in Belle Chasse, LA

GPRS was contacted by a general contractor to locate known and unknown underground utilities within the planned area of construction at a local military installation in Belle Chasse, LA. All utility anomalies that could be located were marked on the surface with their approximate depth and direction as well as color coded to reflect the type of utility, as applicable, following the Uniform Coloring Code.

U:Clients - E-LGPRS2015 JobsGP248JP - SASOL_Working FilesG

In addition to field markings, GPRS captured all findings using a handheld Trimble GPS unit in order to provide the client with a CAD drawing as a permanent record. GPRS works on many military installations throughout the Gulf Coast and United States requiring extensive background checks and safety measures at each site.

Underground Utilities Located at Military Base in Belle Chasse, LA

Underground Utilities Located at Military Base in Belle Chasse, LA 2

For more information about ground penetrating radar or to request a quote, please visit our website at, or contact Jeremy Parrino at 504.940.8832 |

Utility Scan Performed in Universal Studios, Southern California

GPRS of California was contacted by a concrete cutting company to locate underground utilities prior to saw cutting a trench for a new water main. We scanned 10’ on both sides of the proposed trench line and marked all findings with paint. Among the findings was a drain line at 3’ deep and street lighting which was at 2’ deep. Both findings were near the beginning of the trench and no other findings were found in the vicinity we scanned.

GPR is a great tool to scan areas of post tension cables, rebar, and conduits, including PVC pipes and can also be used to locate underground utilities prior to digging or excavating. Please contact GPRS to learn how we can assist with your project.

Utility Scan Performed in Universal Studios, Southern California

GPRS has offices throughout the entire state of California and performs GPR surveys throughout the entire state, including cities like Ventura, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Malibu, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Irvine, Glendale, San Diego, Riverside, Pasadena, Torrance, Orange, Anaheim, Long Beach, Lancaster, Palmdale, Bakersfield and San Luis Obispo. Please contact Freddy Espinal at 805-729-5877 or to learn more about ground penetrating radar and how GPRS can assist in your projects.