Scan for 17 Proposed Core Drilling Locations – Las Vegas, NV

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. – GPRS – of Las Vegas, Nevada, was contacted by a local General Contractor to scan for 17 proposed core drilling locations in an elevated concrete slab containing rebar and post tension cables, in Las Vegas, AZ.

A GPRS project manager was able to meet the quick turnaround time needed to accomplish the job and to schedule and complete the task within twenty-four hours of being notified of the need.  The client needed to make 17 core drilling penetrations ranging from 2 to 6 inches diameter in multiple buildings on site.  GPRS was able to locate and mark out all structural reinforcements and conduits located within the concrete slab to allow for safe cutting and drilling.

Scan for 17 Proposed Core Drilling Locations - Las Vegas, NV

This was critical to preventing any compromise of the structural integrity of the building and also preventing any injury to the individual using the drilling cutting equipment.  It was essential that all reinforcements were located as well as live power lines and any other possible utilities that may be within the slab.  Any damage during core drilling or saw cutting into a wall would not only be dangerous but also costly.

GPRS also holds a wide variety of scanning radar equipment, such as specially-sized GPR scanners to scan the concrete in confined spaces that typically cannot be reached.  This allowed more options for the client to decide where to drill in order to complete the work they needed.

Ground penetrating radar is a fantastic tool to scan areas of concrete to locate post-tensioned cables, rebar, and conduits, including PVC pipes. Ground penetrating Radar can also be used for locating underground utilities such as water, gas, electrical, communication, sewer, and other objects prior to digging or excavating.

GPRS can also provide private utility locating services.  Where “811” or Blue Stake services stop at the meter and only detect utilities on the public side of any meter, GPRS can complete the entire project and locate underground utilities wherever you need.  GPRS also offers detailed reports, as-built illustrations, including GPS aerial mapping on a map or CAD illustration.  Working with GPRS also offers each client a “one-stop shop” solution for not only their locating needs but also for concrete drilling and cutting. These services most often go hand-in-hand and are often needed quickly with little or zero notice. GPRS can help to streamline each job’s demanding needs by assisting with ground penetrating radar services as well as concrete cutting and drilling solutions. Please contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems – GPRS to learn how we can assist with your next project.

GPRS has successfully completed many projects such as this in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Kingman, Arizona, Laughlin, and throughout the state of Nevada and beyond.  Ground Penetrating Radar Systems also services the entire United States in every major city.  If you would like to schedule an appointment in Las Vegas, please contact the local GPRS Project Manager, Tannon Hamilton by phone at 702-573-9228 or by email at:  Contact us today for an estimate, free demonstration, or if you have any inquiries for your next project.

Locating Underground Utilities – Wichita, KS

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was called to locate underground utilities in Wichita, KS where the client was going to be excavating to repair a broken sewer line.  The client was concerned that the main power and communication lines for the building were running into his work area. The technician was able to locate both of the known lines as well as some site lighting that was in the area. Because of GPRS’s use of multiple locating technologies, the client was able to perform his work safely and not damage any utilities during the process.

Locating Underground Utilities - Wichita, KS

GPRS’s expertise in locating the unknown can provide you the fastest and most reliable locate for your next project. GPRS can assist you with all of your locating and radar needs.  Using GPRS will not only save time and money during construction; it can also save a life. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems can assist you in your projects in Wichita, Salina, Dodge City and any other area in Kansas.  For more information about GPRS capabilities or questions on how we could assist you on your next project please contact Terry Jeffries at or 913-232-6533.

Utility Locating for a Tower Site Upgrade – Des Moines, IA

Utility Locating for a Tower Site Upgrade – Des Moines, IowaGPRS was contacted by an out-of-state construction company doing tower site upgrades. The contractor was concerned about some existing utilities that may be obstructing his excavation area. Fortunately for him, this was something that we could assist him with. GPRS utilized multiple tools to complete this utility investigation such as radio detection and ground penetrating radar to name a couple a few. The GPRS technician was able to give a very accurate depiction of the subsurface to the contractor, who was very happy with the results.

Ground penetrating radar services include utility locating as well as concrete GPR mapping. GPRS is a nationwide company and utilizes its nationwide knowledge and experience on every project. It is our job to make sure that when you excavate that you do it as safely as possible with the knowledge and piece of mind that you deserve. Mitigating safety hazards is only a part of our job description. Knowing the location of underground utilities greatly increases the smoothness of your project.

Utility Locating for a Tower Site Upgrade – Des Moines, Iowa2Ground penetrating radar services can also provide GPS maps of the utilities located. This can be greatly helpful if you are looking for long-term documentation or if the project itself is long-term. This type of information can be used for planning as well as on-site work. “811” is a service that should be used every time an excavation is taking place, but unfortunately it is not always that simple. “811” is  a service that provides PUBLIC utility locating. Meaning that they will only locate up to the meter, curb stop, or so on. This leaves a great deal of utilities that they will not and can not locate for you. However, that is why we are here to help. We can locate, mark, flag, and document these utilities for you.

GPRS is a great company that cares about its employees and the quality of service it provides. If your project involves any excavation or concrete demo, give us a call. We can help you complete your project safely and in a timely manner.

We look forward to your call. The local (402.506.0815) office covers Nebraska and Iowa or can be reached via email @ We operate all over the United States and are only a phone call away. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our services.

Removing A Buried Gas Line – Call GPRS First

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Kansas City was called to locate underground utilities in Kansas City, MO. The client was removing a buried gas line and was concerned that there were other utilities in the area that could be disturbed. GPRS was able to mark out multiple lines that were in the area and allow the client to perform his work without damaging any utilities.
Locating underground utilities–KansasCity,MOGPRS’S expertise in locating the unknown can provide the fastest and most reliable locate for your next project. GPRS can assist you with all of your locating and radar needs.  Using GPRS will not only save time and money during construction, it can also save a life. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Kansas City can assist you in your projects in St. Joseph, Lawrence and Topeka.  For more information about GPRS capabilities or questions on how we could assist you on your next project please contact Terry Jeffries at or 913-232-6533.

Underground Utility Locating in Kansas City

Prior to construction for an addition, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was contracted to locate all utilities in the area that would call for excavation.  Records showed the presence of gas and water lines in the area.  The GPRS technician was able to find the known utilities and the presence of electrical lines running from the generator, a communications line, and 4 unknown footings.  The combination of technologies and techniques that are employed by GPRS allowed for a successful investigation of what the excavation crew will run into and allowed the design team some time to prepare for the impact the new underground information would have on their project. In following this project, the design team was able to tweak their routes in order to not impact most of the existing utilities.  The process was taken care of quickly and saved many schedule days and headaches all before the project even began.

Underground Utility Locating-Kansas City

Investigating the presence of utilities and unknown objects is always a good idea when it comes to excavation or drilling.  Record drawings or “as-builts” are a good starting point when looking for utilities, but are many time incorrect or have not been updated properly.  GPRS provides a service that will help you avoid hitting utilities or uncovering unknown utilities or objects that can pose a safety risk to worker and/or pedestrians as well as delay your project. GPRS can also assist in updating as built drawing so that future projects can have a starting point.  We can do anything from a utility map mark up, to updating your CAD utility plans.

Underground Utility Locating-Kansas City2

We are here to help locate any gas, electric, communications, water, and sewer lines as well as any other obstructions that could be beneath the surface.  GPRS utilizes multiple technologies in order to provide the customer with the most accurate locate short of daylighting the utility.

GPRS services the local Kansas City metropolitan, Lawrence, Topeka, Pittsburg, Manhattan, Kansas and St. Joseph, Joplin, Springfield, and Sedalia, MO.  For more information, to get a quote, or to discuss a project please call Kurt Schamberger at 913-961-9534 or email at


Ma•ni•a•cal (məˈnīəkəl): exhibiting or denoting obsessive enthusiasm


As a Project Manager with Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, every once in a while, you’ll find yourself scanning through an endless field, under a cloudless sky, before a backdrop of the Oquirrh Mountains, all while focusing on a scrolling Radargram–basically a dream job.

You’re confident that there’s nothing in this field, and your site contact is confident that there’s nothing in this field, but your site contact’s customer has the policy to scan the ground before ANY penetrating of the ground (even if they’re just skimming off the top couple of feet to collect fill dirt). So you scan…and scan…and scan…and scan…then you STOP.

At times like this, the value of extensive training, attention to detail, and diligence becomes evident. Had the old drainage line (marked in red, per the customer’s request, for contrast purposes) that I found with my radar been found with an excavator’s scoop, that would have constituted a Stop Work Event, causing delays, expenses, and frustration.

Nothing that travels around in a GPRS truck has more money and attention invested in it than the Project Manager in the driver’s seat. Our customers depend on not only our impressive suite of tools, our network of experienced radar technicians that covers all of the US and Canada, or our exemplary response time. But also, unknowingly, they depend on the intense, unrelenting, and unapologetically maniacal emphasis we place on problem-solving, attention to detail, and safety.

To each his own, but if you found yourself nodding your head while reading this article, then your company probably suffers from (read: “prospers because of“) the same maniacal adherence to good values. If that’s the case, then we should consider doing some business together. You will be joining a long and growing list of customers who can’t get enough of our “obsessive enthusiasm” for getting their job done right and right away.

Give your local GPRS Guru a shout.

Locating the Main Electrical Line Feed for the Vivint Arena

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was recently contacted by a customer to locate the main electrical line feed for the Vivint Arena, home of the Utah Jazz. The public utility locator as well as another private utility locator had already tried their hand at finding this particularly elusive electrical conduit. The customer was very impressed with the thoroughness, creative problem solving, and variety of tools that GPRS brought to the jobsite.

Utility locating is as much science as it is art. At GPRS, we have the tools to locate gas lines, water lines, electric lines, telecommunication lines, underground storage tanks (USTs), septic tanks, duct banks, and even buried monitoring wells or water well heads. In addition to having an extensive suite of tools, we also have the training, experience, and knowledge base in our nationwide network of technicians to correctly interpret the data that our equipment returns.

For utility locating needs anywhere in Utah, please contact Forrest Sim at 801-599-2115 or You may also contact Cooper Cox at 801-419-7031 or We have recently completed projects in Bountiful, Salt Lake City, North Salt Lake, Sandy, Draper, Provo, Orem, Logan, Price, Park City, Farmington, West Valley City, the Salt Lake International Airport, Heber City, Roosevelt, Vernal, and elsewhere.
Vivint Arena

Mapping Utilities on a Large Campus near Colorado Springs

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Colorado Springs, Colorado was contacted to locate and map utilities on a large campus in the Colorado Springs area.  Project Manager Shawn Selmeski was assigned the project.  The local company had no prior mapping of utilities on their campus. Both private and public utilities were mapped for the company’s records, as well as planned future construction projects.   Project Manager Shawn Selmeski recorded all utilities through a process of direct marks on the surface, then tracking those utilities with GPS for a CAD file which was delivered to the customer. Our CAD files are used for current records and to utilize in future plans.

All GPRS technicians go through extensive training to ensure that the deliverable that the customer receives is well laid out, easy to understand, and valuable.  Now that this area has been investigated, the construction company can begin excavation with a greater grasp on what is underground.

GPRS specializes in providing ground penetrating radar services to both commercial and residential clients. We are the best at what we do because that’s all we do. Our technicians are trained and experienced in using all of our high-tech equipment. Each Technician averages approximately 220 jobs per year. All field personnel complete the OSHA 10-hour construction safety course to ensure all of our work spaces meet safety requirements.  Project Manager Shawn Selmeski has worked some of the highest profile jobs in the Colorado Springs area, consisting of:

Great Wolf Lodge Renovations
Memorial Hospital Hybrid OR
Tesla Charging Station installations
University of Colorado Pueblo Library addition
Walmart Distribution Renovation
US Air Force Academy Stadium Renovation
Keysight Energy power upgrade

Project Manager Shawn Selmeski can be reached at 719-648-6689 or by email at  to assist in your project. Please feel free to reach out with any and all questions.

GPR Used to Locate Structural Steel in Denver, CO

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. of Denver, CO was contacted by a General Contractor to locate structural beams below a roof at the Colorado State Capital in Denver, CO. The client was looking to confirm the location of structural beams for the purpose of installing a new roof. GPRS, Inc. arrived on site without delay using digital concrete imaging to accurately locate the structural steel I-Beams under the roof. The applications for ground penetrating radar truly are extensive and vast.
GPR used to locate structural steel

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. specializes in ground penetrating radar service and is our primary source of revenue. With that in mind, the amount of experience and specialization of subsurface imaging and investigations as well as a nationwide network of technicians; GPRS, Inc. is unrivaled in the Ground Penetrating Radar industry.  GPRS, Inc. can supply your project with the safest and most accurate ground penetrating radar service in the business. Your safety and job effiency is our main goal at Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc.

If you are interested in learning more about our subsurface imaging capabilities or other Ground Penetrating Radar applications such as locating reinforcement and conduit in concrete slabs, locating Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), clearing boring locations of possible Utilities for soil samples, Void Detection or even graveyard mapping;  don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo or lunch and learn – let us buy your team lunch so we can tell you more about our company and what we can offer your company and projects. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems has an office local in Denver, CO serving all of Colorado and Wyoming as well as local offices in Salt Lake City UT, Albuquerque NM, Phoenix AZ, Omaha NE, and Kansas City. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. also has offices in nearly every major city in the United States as well as offices in Canada. Contact Ryan Shannon (Project Manager) at 303.913.8630 or today to schedule an appointment or free demo or if you have any inquiries. Visit for more information on how we can serve you with the many applications of GPR.