168 Anchor Locations Scanned and Cleared in Multi-Story Parking Garage

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. was contacted to clear 168 individual anchor locations in a multi-story parking garage. The client needed to install parking stops at each parking place in the structure, and needed to avoid the post tension cables running throughout.

Prior to drilling the anchors, Project Manager Gasten Schoonover with GPRS of North Texas was contracted to scan each of the two anchors per parking place required for the install. Gasten marked out all of the post tension cables near the anchors, and the client was able to adjust all of their anchor locations and set each anchor without the danger of hitting post tension cables.

Ground Penetrating Radar is cost effective, non-hazardous, and provides data in real time. For GPRS services in North Texas, please call (817) 757-9527 or email Gasten.Schoonover@gp-radar.com.

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