Year: 2014

Concrete Scan at a Hospital in Lancaster California

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. – GPRS – of California was contacted by a construction company to locate rebar and conduit in a slab prior to anchoring equipment in a hospital in Lancaster, CA. We scanned 4 different rooms where they were to anchor medical refrigerators and treadmill walkers. We used tape to mark out

Underground Utility Locating Performed Around a Helipad Outside the University Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI

Prior to excavating or drilling outside, it’s helpful to have information on the sub-surface utilities that might be within the construction area. During any sub-surface exploration it’s imperative not to compromise any of the underground utilities. Having the private utilities marked will help the process continue on more smoothly. A general contractor was asked to

Identifying PT Cables in Roof Deck in Austin, TX

Prior to drilling holes through a roof deck to install new storm drains, plumbers on site decided to contact GPRS to locate post tension cables first. Central Texas Regional Manager Corey Brecht was able to use non-destructive GPR testing to identify critical reinforcing steel and other obstructions within the concrete so that the plumbers could

GPR Used to locate Utilities in St. Petersburg, FL

In November of 2014, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. (GPRS) was contacted in order to locate utilities such as sewer lines, electric, water lines, communication and any other anomalies at a VA Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL. The contractor needed to make certain of where these anomalies were in order to avoid hitting them when

North Carolina News

Asheville, NC – Site: Downtown Asheville On November 25th, 2014 Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was requested on site to complete a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey. The purpose of this survey was to locate any utilities that may be present prior to completing soil borings and drilling. We used a GSSI (Geophysical Survey Systems,