Month: May 2014

GPRS Scanning a Pool in Orlando, FL

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was recently contacted to locate reinforcing steel in slab on grade at a popular Resort & Spa in central Florida. The rebar in the concrete slab of the pool floor was suspected to be too close to the surface of the slab, therefor causing rust stains on the pool floor surface

Technician Profile – Nate Stair

Nate Stair What city of cities have you worked in for GPRS? Raleigh How long have you been with GPRS? Since March of 2011 What personal accomplishments are you proud of achieving at GPRS? Building the Raleigh territory into a successful market. Tell us about your spouse, family, kids, and/ or pets? My wife’s name

Technician Profile – John Lause

John Lause What city of cities have you worked in for GPRS? Chicago How long have you been with GPRS? 3.25 years What personal accomplishments are you proud of achieving at GPRS? Winning the Good to Great award last year, helping to grow and expand the Chicago region, the personal relationships built over my time

Concrete X-Ray of Pre-Cast Panels in Norwalk, CT

Capital Construction was getting ready to begin a project that involved anchoring to a pre-cast concrete panel that made up the exterior wall of a large building in Norwalk, CT that housed offices. Capital was concerned that an anchor in the wrong place could strike important structural components in the slab such as pre-tensioned cable

Scanning Concrete in Corpus Christi, TX

Before a local Corpus Christi business could demolish an existing building and place a new structure on its foundation, the contractors needed to learn about the perimeter foundation. Rather than demolish surrounding ground and concrete, they chose to enlist the services of Corey Brecht with GPRS, Inc. Because ground penetrating radar is non-destructive, the contractors

GPRS Used to Locate Underground Utilities at University of Arkansas, Little Rock

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems’ Little Rock, AR office worked with a local company to locate utilities prior to excavation at University of Arkansas, Little Rock.  GPRS marked location and depth of vital oxygen lines going into hospital.  GPRS uses non-destructive testing equipment to locate utilities, piping, power-lines, underground storage tanks, and grave sites that are

Underground Storage Tank Scan – Chicago Heights, IL

This scan was performed inside a manufacturing warehouse in Chicago Heights, IL. A suspected underground storage tank on the premises was thought to have been removed; however, no records of the removal were available. David Hagenmayer, with Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc., was called out to locate any existing USTs and/or former excavations associated with tank removals. David was