Month: July 2014

CONCRETE SCAN | The Woodlands, TX

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) of the Houston, TX office was called by Hoar Construction to locate reinforcement in the slab of the balconies at the 8 story multi-family complex in The Woodlands, Tx. In order to safely secure the storm-rated sliding doors to the concrete slab with 3” anchor bolts, Mitch Halquist, technician on

Conduit Locating in Palm Beach, FL

A general contractor needed to drill into a concrete wall in Miami, FL. The concrete area that needed to be scanned / x-rayed, using ground penetrating radar, was a poured concrete wall and was known to have conduit in it. Thus they contacted the concrete specialists in conduit locating, Matt Rankin of GPRS. This application, conduit mapping, is a

Ground Penetrating Radar Scan to Locate Conduits Embedded in an Elevated Slab at a Professional Baseball Stadium in Detroit, MI

Prior to concrete saw cutting it’s essential to have the information needed to perform the demolition without compromising any existing utilities that may be embedded in the slab. This is especially important when dealing with a professional sports franchise stadium. As they say the show must go on but it’s better to have all the