Month: August 2014

Substation Utility Locating in Cleveland, TN

GPRS was recently called out to Cleveland, TN to do a utility locate at a TVA substation. The purpose of this scan was to locate any utilities running along a trench for a new electrical conduit. It was unknown what utilities they might encounter while excavating the new trench. Prior to proceeding, they contacted GPRS

Private Utility Locate on Military Base

GPRS was contacted recently to work on a large military project in Jacksonville, Florida. The client was installing a new communication tower and needed to directional bore new conduit approximately 11,000 linear feet along current road structure. GPRS scanned the length of the proposed bore line to locate and mark all utilities with depths, in

Concrete Floor Anylisis (Chicago, IL)

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. was contacted to help identify the makeup of the structural reinforcing was in a concrete floor. GPRS identified that the floor had two different styles of reinforcing; slab on grade with wire mesh and in a different location (post tension). GPRS also located an emergency escape tunnel running under the

GPRS locates Post Tension Cables in Denver

GPRS was contacted recently by Design Mechanical of Louisville Colorado to locate reinforcement and conduits in a slab before cutting the concrete for new plumbing fixtures. The customer needed to be confident that while cutting the concrete they were not going to strike anything in the concrete. They used Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to accomplish