Month: September 2014

Utility Locating in Chicago, IL

GPRS was contacted by George Allen Construction of Mokena, IL to locate underground utilities at a BNSF railway yard in Chicago. The customer was planning on excavating prior to the construction of a new building. The technician on site, Brian Cox, used GPR to locate and mark out underground utilities. The customer could then use

Void Detection in Chicago, IL

GPRS was contacted by Roehrborn Development of Winnetka, IL to detect possible voids under an apartment building in Chicago, IL. The customer was renovating a kitchen in one of the apartments on the lower level and noticed the floor sinking towards the exterior wall. By using GPR, the technician on site, Brian Cox, was able

Fiber Optic Locate | Silsbee, TX

  Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) of the Houston, TX office was called by Gallagher Construction to scan for 4 unknown fiber optic cables at the new Silsbee ISD Elementary School. Nate Loyola, technician on site, used GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) 400 MHz antenna to mark out the 1 inch conduit buried 3 feet under

Concrete Scan on a Dam in Lake Lynn, PA

GPRS preformed a scanned on a dam in Lake Lynn, PA the engineer that hired GPRS did not want to hit any rebar within the concrete. So they called GPRS to locate the embedded rebar and mark it out on the concrete so they could drill with confidence. For GPR projects or quotes in the Pittsburgh