Month: May 2015

GPR and Thermal Imaging – Radiant Floor Tubing

Troy Bartlett, Project Manager with GPRS used a thermal imaging equipment as well as Ground Penetrating Radar to locate in-floor radiant heat tubing and utilities for a home owner in Minnesota. The home owner had hired a contractor to level the concrete floor of their basement and wanted to make certain that before any holes

Ground Penetrating Radar Utilized to Locate Reinforcing Steel in CMU Elevator Shaft in Corvallis, OR

A construction company needed to confirm what reinforcment was present in an elevator shaft of a large apartment complex. There was concern that no reinfrocing steel was used to build the CMU wall. Prior to beginning the inspection process, the company contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Portland to scan the elevator shaft to locate

Concrete GPR Scanning at Aventura, Florida

GPRS South Florida, recently completed scanning to locate post tension cables and conduits in a condo in Aventura, Florida. The homeowner was concerned about damaging post tension cables and conduits located in the floor slab. The ground penetrating radar technology is effective in locating post tension cables, reinforcing steel and conduits without delivering any radiation