Month: July 2015

Post Tension Cable Locating in Chicago High Rise

GPRS was contacted by a construction company to locate post tension cables in a high rise building in downtown Chicago. The customer needed to cut into the concrete slab on the outside of the building. The technician on site, Brian Cox, used GPR to locate and mark out the locations of the cables and communicated

GPRS Contacted to Locate Utilities at a Dam in West Virginia

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems out of Charleston, West Virginia was contacted recently to locate utilities at a Dam. The contractor was installing a building and needed to locate all the utilities on site prior to excavation began. GPRS worked in coordination with the contractor to successfully locate all utilities on site, including water, gas, electrical,

Utility Locating Prior to Drilling for Soil Samples

GPRS was contacted by an environmental company to locate underground utilities at a property in Willowbrook, IL that needed to drill 20 feet into the ground to take soil samples. Another environmental company in Chicago, IL needed to drill 15 feet into the ground to take soil samples. The technician on both sites, Brian Cox,