Year: 2016

Concrete Imaging Technology Utilized to Locate Conduits and Reinforcing Prior to Core Drilling at a Verizon Headquarters in Hyannis, MA

A general contractor had a project inside of a Verizon Office where he needed to install Fios lines and push them through two 7 inch core holes within the building.  It was essential, while core drilling the concrete, not to compromise any conduits or utilities within or beneath the slab. Prior to beginning the core

Urgent Request Met By GPRS Technicians At Pittsburgh International Airport

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) Inc. was contacted to locate underground utilities by a construction company that is completing an overhaul of the communications and power stations around the Pittsburgh International Airport. An urgent request was made by the contractor to have a same day underground utility locate done, and with over 150 GPRS technicians

Correcting the Competition

We received a call today from a new customer who had recently hired one of our competitors to scan for his plumbing penetrations. He was concerned with the output of the first scan and wanted a second opinion, because some of the markings didn’t seem to add up. We told him we would provide a

Locating Underground Utilities in Kansas City, MO

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Kansas City was called to locate any underground utilities at a site in Independence, MO.  The client was going to be trenching in new power and was concerned about striking existing utilities. The technician was able to locate multiple utilities that could’ve been struck while trenching. Thanks to GPRS the

Void Scan | La Porte, TX

A major Petro Chemical plant in La Porte, TX contacted GPRS about performing a GPR scan to search for sub surface voids during their turnover of the existing water cooling tower. The client had been concerned about sub surface wash out as they were installing additional concrete piers to support the new water tower installation.