Month: February 2017

Locating and Mapping Utilities for Consulting Company

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was recently contacted by a consulting company to locate and map all utilities, as well as investigate a possible underground storage tank at their site on historic Meeting Street in Charleston, SC prior to drilling on site to collect soil samples. GPRS used the latest ground penetrating technology to provide relevant

GPRS Locates Rebar at the Akron Children’s Hospital

On November 29th, 2016, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was requested on site by a general contractor to perform a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey at the Akron Children’s Hospital in Akron, Ohio.  The contractor needed to saw cut and remove 2”-3” of the slab in multiple areas.  The contractor needed to know where the

GPRS Scanning for Subsurface Voids in Dallas, TX

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. can identify underground anomalies such as utilities, obstructions, and subsurface voids using non-destructive testing methods. Our technicians have the ability to identify an anomaly’s depth with accuracy of 15% of the depth of the anomaly itself.  This is important to note because there are often times when a customer has

GPRS Provides Contractor with Valuable Info about Subsurface Utilities, Footings, and Grade Beams

GPRS, Inc. was contacted by a General Contractor from Milwaukee to investigate an old warehouse/vehicle service center. The purpose of the ground penetrating radar (GPR) and Radio Detection (RD) survey was to locate utilities, detect buried footings, and possible grade beams. The General Contractor did not have any building plans from the owner. The General

GPR Used to Locate Structural Steel in Denver, CO

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. of Denver, CO was contacted by a General Contractor to locate structural beams below a roof at the Colorado State Capital in Denver, CO. The client was looking to confirm the location of structural beams for the purpose of installing a new roof. GPRS, Inc. arrived on site without delay