Month: March 2017

GPRS Performs Investigative Concrete Analysis

A contractor was doing some remodeling at a local hospital in the downtown Chicago, IL area.  Several cores were needed to run new gas and water lines from the floors below.  The contractor contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Chicago to perform concrete scanning around these core locations.   The contractor wanted to know if there

International Drive

Orlando has its fair share of resorts, hotels and theme parks. A new hotel is being constructed on International Drive. After finishing the exterior construction and beginning all of the interior work, the contractors were faced with having to add some additional lines into the facility that were not initially planned for. This involved them

Mapping Utilities on a Large Campus near Colorado Springs

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Colorado Springs, Colorado was contacted to locate and map utilities on a large campus in the Colorado Springs area.  Project Manager Shawn Selmeski was assigned the project.  The local company had no prior mapping of utilities on their campus. Both private and public utilities were mapped for the company’s records,

Post Tension Locating in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Prior to the installation of storage rack system at a local warehouse in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a contractor contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. to scan the areas prior to drilling approximately 1500 anchors. Jay Tate-GPRS Oklahoma mobilized to the site to perform a method of concrete scanning using ground penetrating radar within the suggested area