Month: April 2017

GPRS Used to Locate Utilities at 2 Schools in Nashville

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems’ Nashville, TN office was recently utilized on two separate projects to locate underground utilities at local schools.  McMurray Middle school is planning renovations and additions across the property. The environmental company hired to oversee the project hired GPRS to scan for and locate utilities not only in the areas that were

GPR Scanning for Post Tensioned Cables in Plano, TX

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. can identify obstructions embedded in concrete slabs such as post tensioned cables, rebar, plastic and metal conduits, beams, etc. Our technicians have the ability to identify an anomaly’s depth with the accuracy of plus or minus a half inch to the top of the anomaly itself. Moreover, we can detect

Aiding Construction at the Orlando International Airport

In the construction industry there are waves of development, especially in Orlando, FL. The Orlando International Airport is currently constructing a new south terminal. This requires a lot of planning with companies, contractors, engineers and so on. One of the head companies that is spearheading this project coordinates all of the contractors to keep things