Month: May 2017

GPRS locates post tension cables in Washington D.C.

A contractor investigating the structural components of a post tension building in Washington DC contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of DC for concrete scanning. The contractor hoped to find valuable information about the reinforcing and post tension cables of the building before core drilling for anchors on the slab edge. GPRS was able to mark

GPRS Scaling Skyscrapers

Don’t be fooled by the lofty view, Chicago was nick-named the windy city for a reason! As winds are raging, GPRS scans tight spaces atop a 48-story building in Chicago, IL. We were able to map out rebar so the general contractor could safely drill anchors for future building plans.  High or low, GPRS is

Prairie Cemetery project underway

The ancient Prairie Cemetery, south of Lake City, is being examined from above and below to find graves of loved ones buried there. Riverside teacher and Lake City councilwoman Brenda Hutcheson spearheaded a project in January to reclaim the overgrown cemetery on County Road 812, one-and-a-half miles east of Lunsford. “The cemetery has been overgrown

GPRS Project-Melbourne FL

Post tension cables, electrical conduits, rebar and other structural steel, water pipes and various other objects are often found in concrete slabs. Construction companies, plumbing contractors, electrical contractors and renovation specialists are always in need of either core drilling through a slab or trenching through a slab on grade. Whatever the case may be, Ground