Month: September 2017

A “Void”ing Danger

Underground voids can be extremely dangerous and can lead to severe property and personal damage. Recently GPRS was called to identify the extent of a void found within a subdivision in downtown Atlanta. The void was created by a leaking water pipe which washed out the soil under the slab, causing it to collapse in

Gone Fishing…

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was contacted by a fish hatchery in southern Illinois to come out and locate private and public utilities for running new communication lines underground. After scanning for a couple miles, we were able to confidently direct the electrical contractors away from hitting any utilities while trenching. This particular fish hatchery

GPR Scanning for Steel Reinforcement – Killeen, TX

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. can identify obstructions embedded in concrete slabs such as post tensioned cables, rebar, plastic and metal conduits, beams, etc. Our technicians have the ability to identify an anomaly’s depth with the accuracy of plus or minus a half inch to the top of the anomaly itself. Moreover, we can detect

Monitoring Wells – Las Vegas, NV

Monitoring wells are needed on a regular basis in order to test soil conditions below the surface. They can be necessary when selling property, when a hazardous material spill occurs, or for a number of different reasons. When installing or removing monitoring wells, it is important to know what utilities might be in the area.

GPRS South Florida – Rebar Mapping at Hard Rock Stadium

Recently, the GPRS office, located in Miami Florida, was contacted by an electrical contractor that was completing a project at the Hard Rock Stadium located in Miami Gardens, Florida. This is also the home of the Miami Dolphins. This stadium recently underwent a five hundred-million-dollar renovation and work is continuing to be completed throughout the