Month: February 2018

Utility Locate After 811 Markout

GPRS Inc. of Southern California was called out to provide a utility location survey in a busy parking lot near downtown San Diego. The general contractor of the project set up 811, and had them mark out utilities (based on plans) one day prior. The main reason that the general contractor decided to hire a

Utility Locate in Dallas

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contacted by a general contractor in Dallas, Texas to locate any underground utility lines that would obstruct a trench path to put in a new conduit that would be running through a very active job site. The client was extremely concerned with hitting heavy electrical due to the active hospital

Onsite at the Joint Airforce Base

GPRS was requested onsite at the Joint Airforce Base in North Charleston to perform a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey. The purpose of this survey was to help identify the location of any utilities or anomalies onsite in order to drill to install beams for awnings covering the fueling station on base. There were large

Locating Conduits and Reinforcement on an Elevated Slab

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Kansas City was hired to analyze concrete on an elevated slab in downtown Kansas City. A historic building was being renovated and needed several cores to be drilled while avoiding conduits and any reinforcement to preserve the structural integrity of the building. The technician was able to determine the spacing

GPRS Scans and Locates Electrical Bank

GPRS, Inc based in Tampa/St. Petersburg was called recently to a critical job site at a hospital.  The hospital was renovating an area that was ground level and needed to trench in new electrical lines for floor boxes.  Prior to saw-cutting the bottom floor trenches, someone suggested to have GPRS scan for anything in the

Locating Underground Utilities

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) Inc. was contacted to locate underground utilities by an electric company that was planning to install additional site lighting at a residential facility. For this job, the GPRS technician was tasked with scanning two 20’x10’ areas and two trench lines, 30’ and 200’ long, in order to locate any utility

GPRS does Utility Mark Out at the Jersey Shore

At an apartment complex located on the Jersey Shore, a contractor contacted GPRS to locate and mark on the surface all possible utilities on the property. The purpose of the utility markout was to identify all possible gas lines, water lines, communication lines and live electric. The contractor wanted to avoid all of these obstacles