Month: March 2018

Using GPR at the Fort Lauderdale Airport

The Fort Lauderdale Airport has been making countless changes in recent years. As a result, they’ve had Ground Penetrating Radar out there sporadically working alongside them in different projects. Recently, they were tasked with adding multiple steel plates to several beams. Normally, this would not be such a complicated job because the beams would not

GRPS Locates Underground Utilities

Ground Penetrating Radar Scan performed in Los Angeles, CA Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. – GPRS – of Southern California was contacted by a construction company in order to locate underground utilities. The scope of work consisted of scanning an approximate 20’x20’ area prior to drilling for 5 new bollards. The bollards will be placed to

UST From the Roaring ‘20s

GPRS was contacted by an environmental firm to locate any potential underground storage tanks (USTs) dating all the way back to the early ‘20s prior to soil sampling. Due to either poor record-keeping or loss of records altogether, there was no documentation to support that there were any USTs present. After further investigation with GPR,