Month: July 2018

Going Above and Beyond the Standard

There is a lot happening in Tampa right now, and we have recently expanded our North Florida team to stay ahead of the demand. We believe that scheduling GPR should be simple. You should trust the team you call. You should know that they have your best interest in mind. Scheduling an appointment should be

The Importance of Locating High-Voltage Lines

Omaha, NE, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Omaha was hired to locate conduits underground in Omaha. This project was at a plant that required digging 3’-5’ and it was imperative to find the exact location of the High-voltage lines. It was vital to not have any costly electrical hits for the project to be successful.

Electromagnetic Locating

GPRS’s office in Phoenix, AZ. was hired by a client to locate utilities outside a Walmart parking lot in Tucson, AZ. prior to the install of a new canopy and some signs throughout the parking lot.  GPRS utilizes both Ground Penetrating Radar as well as your typical electromagnetic locating wand.  The area scanned for the

A Bigger Picture…

GPRS was contacted by a general contractor near Chicago, IL to scan an entire concrete slab face and underside as well as other areas for potential reinforcing in order to pre-fabricate metal plating for future renovations. GPRS was able to yet again be part of a bigger picture. This building (as well as many other