Month: September 2018

Concrete Imaging Technology used to Locate Obstructions Embedded in a Concrete Slab at a Facility in Phoenix, AZ

Never go in to a demolition project without having as much information as possible. It can be difficult to determine where new floor plugs & plumbing should be placed in the design phase without having any information as to where existing conduits/structures are below. Ground Penetrating Radar is an excellent tool to utilize when trying

Locating the Main Water Line

The purpose of this utility locate was to potentially find the main water line. The customer is going to be installing a canopy in the area where this main water line was found. It was crucial to find the water line and trace it out so that the customer was aware of the water line

GPRS Scans for Underground Utilities at Krystal’s

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems’ Memphis, TN office recently worked with an out-of-state environmental company to help them locate underground utilities for the building before they conducted soil sampling in the area. The company did not know where or how may utilities were in the area before calling GPRS. We were able to find underground utilities,