Year: 2018

GPR used for Subsurface Locate in Chandler, AZ

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. of Phoenix, AZ. was contacted by a local General Contractor that was building a new office complex.   The GC on this project was in the planning process of this project and needed to have all of the rebar and concrete beams identified so they could adjust their core holes accordingly. 

Concrete Scanning Subsurface Locate

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. of Las Vegas, NV. was recently contracted out by a local general contractor to scan a concrete slab prior to cutting the slab.  The Plumbing contractor on this jobsite needed to cut the slab to add some new underground plumbing for this tenant improvement project.  Prior to their cutting the

Conduit and Reinforcements Mapping

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contacted by a general contractor to locate the post tension cables and conduit running through a commercial slab.  The GC was concerned with the safety issues with his contractors hitting an electrical cable or a high tension cable. There is a great amount of tension put on post tension cables

Locating Underground Utilities

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Omaha was hired to locate underground utilities in Omaha. The project required excavating 18’ feet deep to install a wind turbine. GPRS specializes in accurately locating each underground utility to make each project stay on time and without incident. GPRS was able to locate water lines running through the area

Subsurface Scanning Solutions

At GPRS, our motto is “Subsurface Scanning Solutions”. We believe in working with customers to solve problems. There are limitations to what our equipment can accomplish because the science of GPR itself has limitations. We get calls every week for jobs that are beyond the margins of what’s possible, but we strive to innovate solutions