Month: June 2019

I Went To School For This

We often get asked whether we went to school to learn GPR / utility locating. Our technology and industry remain somewhat novel to most casual observers, who want to know what it takes to become an expert in GPR. The answer to the school question is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. No, the utility locating industry

GRPS Helps San Antonio with Downtown Facelift

The Henry B Gonzales convention center in San Antonio is undergoing multiple facility renovations. The contractor’s main concern was to protect the existing infrastructure during excavation.  French drains are perforated PVC pipes the typically installed on top of the clay layer of soil underground to insure the proper movement of groundwater, thus preventing standing water

GPRS Shines a Light on a Concrete Slab

Photo of area scanned. GPR used to map out reinforcing rebar and electrical conduits. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. – GPRS – of Southern California was contacted by a local construction company at the beginning of their project to install a new hoist beam at a location in Oxnard, CA. The installation of the hoist

Challenge vs. Opportunity

It has been a busy and cold winter, and we have encountered a few recent challenges, which we have taken as opportunities to go above and beyond for our customers. Sometimes challenges are really just opportunities in disguise—opportunities to grow, to serve others, to innovate. Here are a few recent challenges (opportunities) that our team