Year: 2019

Partnership with Level A

Master Locators was recently acquired by a nationwide, industry leading utility locating company, GPRS, Inc. For 16 years, Master Locators has been a trusted provider of a variety of subsurface utility engineering (SUE) services from utility locating, mapping, CCTV pipe inspection, concrete scanning and air and hydro excavation. Master Locators will continue to provide the

A day in the life of a CCTV robotic crawler

CCTV is a powerful tool for inspecting underground pipelines. The combination of advanced camera technology, software and robotics is an extremely smart solution for pipeline inspections and problem-solving. It takes the guesswork out of pipe inspections, enabling quick, accurate examination of drains, sewers and other pipelines without causing any damage to the infrastructure. Most importantly, CCTV

Previously Undetected Utilities Located

We were recently asked to locate utilities in an area that had previously been located. The customer was aware of a few utilities, and plans showed their basic layout, but their exact locations and depths were needed. Based upon the customers understanding that not many utilities were to be found within the scan area, we

Post Tensioned Cables Located Prior to Drilling

Prior to drilling and installing over 100 anchor and concrete core locations for new plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems, a local general contractor subcontracted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC to scan and locate post tensioned cables throughout the entire store.  The contractor knew that the concrete slab on the floor and ceiling contained post tensioned

Abandoned Underground Pipelines Located

Prior to excavating and trenching for over 100 wind turbine foundations, 17 miles of access roads and 51 miles of collection lines, a major wind energy contractor subcontracted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC to locate active and abandoned underground utilities throughout the entire project area.  The contractor knew of multiple oil and gas pipelines running

Concrete Scanning in Atlanta

GPRS was called to our site after the general contractor had discovered that a number of electrical floor boxes had been covered over during the concrete pour. The pour was a 12” thick, elevated concrete slab. It was the objective of GPRS to scan the elevated concrete slab and identify the location of the floor