24 Miles । 6 Months । 0 Incidents

GPRS Partnered with a local contractor and GM in the early spring of 2016 for a huge project at the GM technical center in Warren, MI, a suburb of Detroit. The contractor was heading up the project which consisted of 6 zones and lasted for six months. The purpose of the project was to upgrade the entire campus site lighting. To put this task into perspective, the GM tech center (WTC) is a 4 square mile facility with 19 miles of roads and 25 miles of sidewalks. The project was divided into 6 zones which were 4 miles each and had an average of 20,000 feet of wire feeding the new site lighting. This facility employs over 21,000 people and on any given day approximately 30,000 workers and visitors go through the gates of the GM Technical Center.

GPRS was able to successfully locate and mark all utilities and the project was completed with 0 incidents and was actually completed ahead of schedule. Prior to this project, the contractor hired a landscaping company to do a small sprinkler repair. They hand dug down to the sprinkler main and cut the wrong line which was the new site lighting circuit that carries 480 volts of power. GM has since rewritten their policies and procedures regarding excavation. They brought in GPRS to do an extensive demonstration about our services and the need for GPR. The policy now requires all contractors who are excavating more than 4 inches to locate all utilities using GPR. GPRS is now their first choice because they have confidence knowing that their project will be safe, on budget, and in this case, ahead of schedule.

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