A “Void”ing Danger

Underground voids can be extremely dangerous and can lead to severe property and personal damage. Recently GPRS was called to identify the extent of a void found within a subdivision in downtown Atlanta. The void was created by a leaking water pipe which washed out the soil under the slab, causing it to collapse in several areas. GPRS was asked to mark the boundaries of the void as well as scan for any other possible voids throughout the property.

Using the 400 MHZ Radar and the SIR 4000, GPRS was able to successfully identify the range of the known voids and how far they had spread unseen under the ground. Often, voids encompass a larger area than above ground identifiers, such as cracks in the concrete, would indicate. We were also able to detect other zones throughout the neighborhood that could contain possible voids.


GPRS Project Manager Matthew Franklin scans with the GSSI SIR 4000 and 400 MHZ Radar to locate the full extent of the void.

Identifying areas of interest allows our clients to focus future investigations and efforts to solve the problem without having to waste time and money on exploring areas that are unaffected by voids. Ground penetrating radar is one of the best ways to identify voids as the process is noninvasive and does not rely on destructive techniques to produce results.

– Patrick Moulin, Project Manager Atlanta

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