Aiding Construction at the Orlando International Airport

In the construction industry there are waves of development, especially in Orlando, FL. The Orlando International Airport is currently constructing a new south terminal. This requires a lot of planning with companies, contractors, engineers and so on. One of the head companies that is spearheading this project coordinates all of the contractors to keep things running smooth.

The project manager of this company recognized the needs of several of the contractors for ground penetrating radar or GPR work for some of the projects going on in the new terminal. One contractor needed to have pillars scanned to avoid hitting rebar when setting anchors for support beams. Another contractor needed to core drill holes for plumbing. The last one needed to install a metal structure and needed to drill into the foundation and did not want to hit rebar. The project manager recognized all of the needs for x-ray and called their GPR professionals at Ground Penetrating Radar Systems.

Once on site, the GPRS professional used their 1600MHz antenna, specifically designed to provide high resolution concrete images of the precise location of any rebar, post tension cables and electrical conduits.  Ground penetrating radar is an effective and efficient tool for accomplishing these goals. The use of a palm was also utilized. A palm antenna is an attachment the professionals use to reach overhead, scan walls or reach into tight areas. After the day was spent, the GPRS professional had the areas mapped out on the surface of the concrete. In some areas, permanent markers were used to avoid having the markings wash away in the rain. The other sensitive areas were marked with lumber crayons. Once the marking was complete, the ground penetrating radar specialist took time to explain the results so the contact would know exactly where to drill.  This ensured that the building did not face any structural damage and, more importantly, that the contractor was safe during the cutting process.  All parties were pleased with the results and the holes were drilled without incident.

You will see a picture below depicting Nate Schmoe, of GPRS, Inc. scanning the concrete surface.

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