All Clear in Aisle 3

Before the removal on the concrete slab in a local grocery store, the Atlanta office of Ground Penetration Radar Systems was called in to help identify any potential underground conduits or shallow utilities. The store was installing new refrigeration lines and the area needed to be scanned before the concrete was saw cut.

Using the 1600 MHz radar and the SIR 3000 we were able to locate refrigeration lines, power lines and other unknown anomalies that would have been struck during the saw cutting process if not identified ahead of time. GPRS was able to successfully map out all potential underground conduits and utilities with great accuracy. As you can see in the photos, we were able to identify the pvc lines before saw cutting. By giving estimated depths and locations, we allowed the contractor to saw cut with precision and speed. Ground penetrating radar is an essential tool before any excavation process to ensure a safe job site and eliminating the cost and hassle of fixing hit utilities.

Patrick Moulin
Project Manager – Georgia

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