Big Construction Projects Must Go Up!

Big construction projects must go up. They have big budgets and big teams and lots and lots of resources. A new resort is being constructed near Universal Studios and is going up and up. Eventually the resort will be a 16 story building with all the bells and whistles. The only thing about going up is that you need a way to get you there. The team working on the project decided to install a buck hoist to the side of the building to be able to move people and resources up and down the project. The problem they faced was a whole lot of post tension cables lying beneath the surface of the concrete they were drilling into. Most of the big construction teams in Orlando know to call GPRS or Ground Penetrating Radar Systems.

The GPRS professional arrived on-site and then walked the project area with the project superintendent. Before beginning the project, a safety assessment was made to ensure the safety of the GPRS employee. A safety harness was attached to a column to provide the support needed in case of a fall. A 50 foot length of floor was scanned on every floor within two feet of the edge of the concrete. The scan technician was able to identify the location of rebar and post tension cables. The cables were marked on the concrete with red spray paint so the workers drilling would know where not to drill when installing the buck hoist. After all of the floors had been scanned, the GPRS professional walked the site with the site contact to make sure nothing had been miscommunicated. Whether you are locating conduits, PT cables, rebar or other utilities, GPRS knows how to let you know what’s below. GPRS has years of experience with locating utilities, concrete analysis, UST locating, and void detection.

Below, you will see a picture below depicting Nate Schmoe, of GPRS, Inc. scanning the area with the palm antenna and the SIR-3000. If you would like to receive a proposal for similar work please visit the “Contact-Us” page at

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