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Concrete Sawing & Drilling Safety Week

Concrete Sawing & Drilling Safety Week Why do we need this? To increase the awareness of best practices when it comes to concrete scanning, concrete saw cutting and concrete coring. When will it happen? January 6th– 10th What will be discussed? The different types of saw cutting and core drilling present on your site. The

Electromagnetic Induction (EMI)

Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) is the most widely used technology for locating buried services and is very effective in most soil types and conditions. With EMI technology, you can locate and trace utilities, as well as estimate their depths. Electromagnetic Induction consists of two steps. First, a transmitter is used to transfer an alternating electrical current to the pipe or

How Does 811 Work?

It is critical to call 811 before you dig. This process usually starts a few days before you plan to start a new project.  The 811 phone number is a toll free nationwide number and should always be called before starting any type of digging project. Be sure to look at your own state laws

X-ray Vision

X-ray vision isn’t just for superheroes. Underground utility contractors have it too…or maybe the next best thing: Advanced Utility Detection Technology. Our sub-surface infrastructure is truly a world of its own. A snapshot of a typical urban underground system reveals a complex network of communications, gas, electric, and water/sewer services that originated in the early

Lateral Launch

Video Pipe Inspection is a method of visually inspecting a utility line to detect cracks, infractions, blockages, and the overall structural condition of the line. It is also used to locate service laterals and obstructions in the line. The process of Video Pipe Inspection involves navigating a camera through the line, either manually or via

Let’s dig up some DIRT!

A look into the 2018 DIRT Report Common Ground Alliance (CGA) is an organization dedicated to protecting underground utility lines, people who dig near them, and their communities. The program collects critical information and analyzes all 2018 data submitted anonymously and voluntarily by facility operators, utility locating companies, one-call centers, contractors, regulators and others. According

GPRS Locates and Acquires Master Locators

Becoming One of the Largest Privately Held Utility Locating Companies in the United States.  TOLEDO, Ohio, August 5, 2019 – Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC (“GPRS”), has acquired Master Locators utility locating business (“Master Locators”), a leading provider of private utility locating, concrete scanning, vacuum excavation, SUE and video pipe inspection services.  Master Locators’ clients