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Concrete Scanning at the Harrah’s Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ

Concrete scanning enables visualization of major structural components within concrete. It is used to inspect concrete slabs or columns before coring or drilling in renovations and new construction projects using Ground Penetrating Radar technology (GPR). Trained technicians can locate rebar and post-tension cables within the concrete, accurately detect electrical and communications conduits, locate voids –

Say hello to my little friend – the robotic crawler

The robotic crawler is an incredibly useful Video Pipe Inspection tool. Video Pipe Inspection is a method of visually inspecting a utility line to detect cracks, infractions, blockages, and the overall structural condition of the line. It is also used to locate service laterals and obstructions in the line. The process of Video Pipe Inspection

Previously Undetected Utilities Located

We were recently asked to locate utilities in an area that had previously been located. The customer was aware of a few utilities, and plans showed their basic layout, but their exact locations and depths were needed. Based upon the customers understanding that not many utilities were to be found within the scan area, we

Post Tensioned Cables Located Prior to Drilling

Prior to drilling and installing over 100 anchor and concrete core locations for new plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems, a local general contractor subcontracted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC to scan and locate post tensioned cables throughout the entire store.  The contractor knew that the concrete slab on the floor and ceiling contained post tensioned