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GPR Scanning to Determine Thickness of Concrete in Jones Stadium – Lubbock, TX

The stadium is undergoing a major facelift with new bleachers being installed. Prior to demolition of the existing bleachers, the customer needed to determine the thickness of the concrete to ensure the new construction would be supported sufficiently. David Hagenmayer with Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc., was called out to scan several sections of the bleachers to determine

Ground Penetrating Radar Technology Utilized to Determine the Extent of Sub-Surface Voids inside a Business in Troy, MI

Whenever you can visually see concrete settling inside a building, the chances of voids could be present below the concrete floor. It’s extremely important to know the extent of the possible voids prior to conducting any repairs. The more information you have the better the situation can be assessed. A General Contractor had a situation

Underground Utility Locating Performed Around a Helipad Outside the University Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI

Prior to excavating or drilling outside, it’s helpful to have information on the sub-surface utilities that might be within the construction area. During any sub-surface exploration it’s imperative not to compromise any of the underground utilities. Having the private utilities marked will help the process continue on more smoothly. A general contractor was asked to

Utility Locating in Chicago, IL

GPRS was contacted by George Allen Construction of Mokena, IL to locate underground utilities at a BNSF railway yard in Chicago. The customer was planning on excavating prior to the construction of a new building. The technician on site, Brian Cox, used GPR to locate and mark out underground utilities. The customer could then use