Communications Tower Relocation

We at Ground Penetrating Radar Services were recently called out to a communications tower in central Florida.  Our customer was planning on replacing the existing tower with a new one, but the plan was to keep the tower from experiencing any service interruption through the transition.  The new tower was to be placed just a few feet away from the existing one.  Both the footer and the new tower’s anchors would have to be installed without hitting any of the utilities that serviced the existing tower.  Only after the new tower was up and running could the old lines be disconnected.  In order to accomplish this, our customer needed a precise mapping of all of the existing utilities in the immediate area.

After discussing the project with our customer’s on-site contact, we employed both a 350MHz radar antenna and a radio detection wand to investigate the property.  Of immediate concern were the communication/fiber lines that ran from the existing tower to the adjacent service building, and then left the property.  The service building also had power and gas lines that needed to be traced.  The communications lines that ran from the tower to the building were grouped into two bundles.  Both the 350Mhz antenna and the radio detection wand gave data allowing us to paint lines directly over the utilities.   The gas line ran directly from the building to a tank that was on the property, and the power was located in the back of the property.  Although there was no visual indication of water, sanitary, or storm lines in the area, the radar and radio detector were used to grid the entire plot in the event that any unsuspected anomalies ran beneath.  Each paint line was color coded so that the customer could expose the appropriate line when they were ready to be disconnected, but for the time being the plans for the new tower could be adjusted, if need be, to avoided interrupting service to the existing structure.

We specialize in providing our customers with the subsurface information they need to conduct their work safely and efficiently.  We accomplish this by using the best technology available, and by comprehensive and on-going training for our Project Managers.

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