Concrete Imaging of Bridge Bent Caps in Monroe, LA

GPRS was recently contacted by a local contractor to map the rebar present within some existing bridge bent caps prior to coring. GPRS mobilized to the site and performed all of the concrete imaging over the course of three (3) days and two (2) mobilizations including some bent caps that were only accessible with a man-lift and fall-arrest systems. They were able to map all of the necessary rebar on the vertical faces of each bridge bent cap that required coring. Additionally, two (2) of the bent caps required marking of the rebar on the top of the cap prior to drilling for the bridge deck fasteners. These locations required additional safety measures including a lifeline and harness for access. The information obtained was extremely valuable as the contractor planned the location of their cores around the embedded structural steel.

Upon completion of the investigation the contractor had a map, drawn on the surface of the concrete, of the items within the concrete. The results pleased the contractor, and they have stated that information provided allowed them to keep the project moving forward. The use of GPR helps to prevent damage to the integrity of these type structures, on-the-job injuries, accidents, and delays. For over a decade Ground Penetrating Radar Systems has been specializing in concrete imaging as well as other types of ground penetrating radar.

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