Concrete Imaging Technology Utilized to Locate Reinforcing Steel within a Precast Plank Providence, RI



An engineer needed to replace the traffic control spikes in a parking garage and the old bolt pattern did not match the new. Because of this issue, the engineer needed drill into the precast plank but could not damage any of the reinforcing. In order to miss all of the reinforcing, the engineer had to have all of the reinforcing within the plank accurately mapped out. In order to get the accurate results that he required, the contractor contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Rhode Island to scan the plank to verify location and depth of the reinforcing. GPRS used a High Resolution 1600MHz Antenna for the project that is able to scan concrete up to 15” in thickness with an incredible accuracy of +/-1/4” on the location and depth of the anomaly. GPRS marked the reinforcing steel pattern directly on the surface and helped line up the new traffic control spikes to ensure that the structural integrity of the plank remained in tact.

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