Concrete Imaging Technology Utilized to Scan an Elevated Slab inside a Hospital – Detroit, MI

Typically anytime you have a need to core drill holes in older buildings, you’ll find that conduits & other obstructions are in the way of successfully performing the work without complications. It is always best to have as much information as possible to what may inhibit the drilling process. The last thing you would want is to shut down a business by drilling through electrical conduits.

A general contractor was faced with a project where they had to core drill numerous holes through an elevated slab inside a hospital in Detroit, MI. It was unknown as to what may be in the slab that could potentially cause issues during the drilling process. The general contractor also didn’t know what type of construction the elevated slabs were. They could have been metal pan deck, waffle slab, hollow core or beam slab. It was essential the contractor didn’t drill through any beams along with conduits.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Detroit was contacted to scan the proposed areas to determine the paths of any obstructions prior to core drilling. GPRS was able to utilize a 1600 MHz high resolution radar antenna to investigate the locations. The technology used allowed GPRS to mark the findings directly on the slab in real time. They successfully marked the paths of numerous concrete beams & a bank of conduits passing through the proposed coring locations. Prior to leaving the site, GPRS technician communicated all of the findings to the contractor’s onsite to ensure the understanding of the markings.

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