Concrete Scan Samuel Adams Brewery – Allentown, PA

Few things can give you a headache like trying to dig unknowing of what might be under your feet. Our friends at the Samuel Adams Brewery in Allentown, Pennsylvania couldn’t agree more. So when they needed to perform a demolition in their cellar to repair a broken drainage pipe, Rhett Teller and Daniel Slachta of Ground Penetrating Radar Systems offered them the unique ability to “see” into the concrete and locate any live electrical conduits that crossed over top of their drain line. They scanned first for live current with a radio detection wand, and then coupled their findings with their ground penetrating scanner to “x-ray” the concrete to confirm their findings. This isn’t the first time that Samuel Adams has used GPRS service before. In fact, they have come to rely on GPRS almost exclusively before performing any cutting, coring or excavating at their facility. They realize that the cost of the service is far outweighed by avoiding the potential nightmare of an incursion. Customers of GPRS are not only provided with the locations of any obstructions under the surface, but any obstructions are also marked with an accurate depth.

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