Concrete Scanning for Conduits in a Slab, on Grade in Richmond, VA

A saw cutting contractor in Richmond, VA called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to locate the main power feed within the concrete slab of a grocery store that was being renovated.  GPRS responded with same day service. GPRS was able to mark directly on the surface the depth and location of the live conduits in real-time. In addition, a drain was marked and verified. If the slab had been cut before being scanned, serious damage to life and limb could have been caused.  

GPR is a great tool to locate rebar, conduits, and post tension cables.  Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Richmond and Virginia Beach scans for rebar and tension cables multiple times a week.  If you need any post tension, rebar, or conduit mapping in the Richmond or tri-cities area please contact Josiah Donaldson at 804-393-8744 or at

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