Concrete X-Ray of Pre-Cast Panels in Norwalk, CT

Capital Construction was getting ready to begin a project that involved anchoring to a pre-cast concrete panel that made up the exterior wall of a large building in Norwalk, CT that housed offices. Capital was concerned that an anchor in the wrong place could strike important structural components in the slab such as pre-tensioned cable which could reduce the stability of the building, or at the very least, this wall of the building.

Capital contacted Jim James of GPRS’s New York and Hartford offices and after a quick discussion were happy to hear that Jim could provide the information using ground penetrating radar which does not have any of the radiation concerns of actual X-Ray equipment. Jim quickly scanned the wall and laid out all structural components of the wall, along with the slab thickness. The picture shows all of the information that GPRS was able to provide to Capital. If you are interested in obtaining more information or a quote please visit our “Contact Us” page for a local representative near you.

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