Contractor Calls GPRS After Using 811 Service Prior to Installing Fiber Optic Cables

GPRS was contacted by a general contractor prior to installing fiber optic cables at a site in Louisville, KY. The contractor had contacted the 811 service and all public utilities were marked. However, the contractor learned the main water line had several branches which fed other office buildings in the area. Therefore, the contractor called GPRS to locate the private water line.

Upon arriving on the site, the contractor explained the proposed path for the fiber optic lines. He knew the general location of the private water line branch, but needed to know the exact location prior to excavating. The 400 MHz antenna was used to locate the water line. Once the line was found, the depth and path of the water line was marked on the surface. These findings were then discussed with the contractor and he had confidence knowing the location of the water line and was able to safely proceed with the fiber optic installation.

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