Correcting the Competition

We received a call today from a new customer who had recently hired one of our competitors to scan for his plumbing penetrations. He was concerned with the output of the first scan and wanted a second opinion, because some of the markings didn’t seem to add up. We told him we would provide a second opinion, and only charge him for the trip if we were able to offer new, relevant information that kept his team safe.

After beginning the scan it became immediately clear that our competitor had made some sloppy mistakes. In the image above, you can see my markings in black marker and our competitor’s earlier markings in red crayon. Our competitor had missed the fact that one of the lines ran at a slight diagonal (about a 15º angle). He marked the line as through it were straight, and as a result, his marking were off by up to 4” at the far end. Consider also the example below. Again, my markings are in black marker, and our competitor’s prior markings are in blue.

Evidently, this particular competitor seems to have rushed the job, seemingly only scanning over each line once, rather than scanning in 3 or more successive locations in order to verify the direction and continuation of each line. It is also confusing that the other scanner included at least 4 or 5 false positives among his markings—lines that weren’t actually there. The customer looked over my shoulder as I scanned, and exclaimed “that area is completely clear! Why did he mark there?” My only guess was that he wanted to indicate the extent of the scan area, but this left the customer with a false picture of his available options.

I can’t speak to the other company’s reasoning, and I’m not sure what caused the persistent error in many of their markings, but I was thankful for the opportunity to provide a more accurate picture to our new customer, who indicated that our price was the same as the one he had previously paid. Needless to say, the customer told me at the conclusion of the job that we would be his new GPR crew, and that is a stewardship that is an honor to receive.

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