Environmental Engineers Trust GPRS

Joseph R. Granados, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Project Manager of El Paso, Texas Region, was contacted recently to search for utilities at a local school. The environmental company completing the soil testing wanted to make sure that all drilling and trench locations could be completed as safely as possible.  They also requested a Google earth file and AutoCAD for this project. The GPRS technician used ground penetrating radar to locate and map out the utilities before any drilling or trenching began. Each location was scanned for utilities such as water lines, conduit, communication lines, gas lines, sewer, and energized lines.  Once the client was clear on all locations and provided depth of the utilities, work could commence safely. The Engineering company was able to drill and trench each location without disrupting any live utilities, or injuring any of their employees thanks to the locate work completed by GPRS.

If you would like a quote or more information on how GPRS may be able to keep your job site safer and on schedule, please contact the El Paso, TX Project Manager Joseph R. Granados at 915-765-7442 or at joseph.granados@gp-radar.com. You can also visit our website at www.gp-radar.com.

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