GPR Concrete Scanning – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia – March 2017_1

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. (GPRS) was contacted to perform a GPR survey at a high-rise building in Atlanta, GA. GPRS was asked to determine the location of reinforcing, conduits, or any other potential obstructions prior to core drilling in multiple locations.

Ryan Abueg was the technician from GPRS that arrived onsite to complete this project. Prior to arriving on site, the locations had been laid out using the orange “X’s” that can be seen in the photos. Using the 1600MHz GPR antenna, any anomalies that were found were marked directly on the surface using a black marker. Once each location was surveyed, the findings were then explained to the contractor in order to develop a safe plan for the drilling.

The photos included depict the final markup of two of the areas of concern that were brought up by the contractor onsite. As mentioned before, the proposed core locations were laid out prior to GPRS arriving onsite. If these areas were cored before they were surveyed, there may have been serious damage done to the structure or lead to severe injury to the workers present. GPRS recommends that a GPR survey be performed prior to any cutting or drilling be performed.

Atlanta, Georgia – March 2017_2

alternative to a costly repair to conduits or post tension cables damaged by drilling. GPR emits no radiation and poses no health hazards. Any findings are marked in real time directly onto the surface with no processing time which allows the contractor to begin drilling immediately after a survey. GPR is frequently used to scan the ground to determine location of underground utilities and underground storage tanks as well.

Ryan Abueg is the GPRS contact based in Atlanta, GA and he can be reached at 678.920.2842 or by email at

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