GPR Scanning Utilized to Locate Electrical Conduits Prior to Saw Cutting at Hospital in Norwalk, OH

Contractors are faced everyday with challenges on how to make their job safer. It is not uncommon for contractors to be faced with cutting concrete on renovation projects and with that brings concern for what may be in the concrete. When you consider working in a hospital, there is a hightened sense of concern when drilling or cutting. There is potential for electrical conduits, gas lines, and oxygen lines to be beneath the floor. Cutting one of these lines could be catostrophic to the safety of the working individuals and to the patients within the hospital who depend on these resources.

GPRS recently scanned a section of concrete floor that needed to be saw cut and removed. The radar technology was able to image the concrete and subsurface simultaneously. As anomalies are seen in the data, the technician is able to mark the floor as to their location and depth. The visual markers allowed the contractors to safely cut and removed the concrete without damaging any of these lines.

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Hospital in Norwalk1Hospital in Norwalk2

Void Scan in Pecos, TX

Void Scan in Pecos, TX
This scan was performed at the Pecos high school in Pecos, TX.A water line had been leaking for some time, slowly eroding away the earth around it. There was concern that there would be other voids on the area. David Hagenmayer, with Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc., was called out to identify any remaining voids so the client could properly address them. After a comprehensive scan of the area, it was determined there were no voids and the construction process could then proceed safely.

Ground Penetrating Radar is cost effective, non-hazardous, and provides data in real time.

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