GPR Technology Utilized to Locate the Reinforcing Steel Pattern on a Wall Inside a Business in Ypsilanti, MI

A General Contractor had a project inside a brewery in Ypsilanti MI where they were going to cut an opening in a wall. The brewery needed the new opening so forklifts could more easily access the inside of refrigerated area. They already had 1 opening in that same wall so engineers were concerned with the integrity of the wall being compromised if another opening was cut out. They had to find out how much reinforcing steel was embedded in the wall before making the decision to proceed with cutting another opening. The General Contractor contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Michigan to perform a GPR investigation of a section of the wall to provide the reinforcing steel pattern. GPRS was able to scan above the refrigerated area on the same wall to be cut out & mark the reinforcing steel directly on the walls surface. It was determined by GPRS that the wall had a double mat of reinforcing steel stacked directly in the same plane but at different depths inside the wall. The technology & experience utilized by GPRS allowed them to scan from one side of the wall to determine the double mat. They then took detailed pictures of the wall scanned to implement into a report for the engineer. GPRS also took measurements to provide the spacing of the reinforcing steel.

Please contact Regional Manager of the Ann Arbor & Detroit areas, Thaddeus Bullock, at 734.377.4551 or Thaddeus.bullock@gp-radar.comwith questions regarding sub-surface capabilities.

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