GPR Used To Locate Buried Utilities

Englewood, CO

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. of Denver, CO was contacted to locate buried utilities at the Denver Broncos Training Facility. They needed Ground Penetrating Radar and Radio Detection to locate buried utilities prior to excavating trenches for new utilities and concrete sidewalks. GPRS went out to scan and locate buried utilities using all methods available.

GPRS used a GSSI 400 MHz Antenna and RD-7000 to locate buried utilities. All findings were marked directly on the surface at the customer’s request for easy interpretation with pin flags and orange high visibility paint. GPR was needed for this job to inform the customer where they could excavate safely to place new utilities in trenches. Ground Penetrating Radar was successful for an accurate layout of all found buried utilities. Radio Detection was successful in tracing out buried utilities as well.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems use safe and cost effective methods to conduct GPR investigations. Ground Penetrating Radar is safe to be around while GPR investigation is taking place, emitting no radiation unlike concrete x-ray. GPRS also uses other nondestructive methods to locate the unknown such as: EMI Profiler, Magnospot, Magnometer and Radio Frequency Transmitter.

If you need a similar scan on your job site, please feel free to contact Kevin Salazar, Project Manager, at 720.498.3834 or e-mail at for the surrounding Denver metro area as well as Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

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