GPRS: 15 Years Strong


“Our mission is to provide the best opportunities and development for our team members while delivering a sensational experience to our customers, preventing them from experiencing the problems associated with unknown subsurface elements.”

Founder and President, Matt Aston established GPRS in 2001 as the sole technician, salesman and office admin. Two more technicians were hired and GPRS quickly expanded throughout Ohio and Michigan. Today there are over 130 technicians across the US and Canada, led by 9 Regional Directors. In December of 2014 GPRS built their new offices which included a state of the art training facility. Every technician attends an intense two week program, then returns to the field to shadow a senior technician for several months and ultimately works independently.

The timeline below illustrates how quickly GPRS has grown over the last 15 years, spanning the entire U.S. In 2015 GPRS, Enterprises was established in Toronto Canada, which continues to grow and today there are 4 technicians expanding the Canadian market.

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