GPRS Army Vet Assists on the New Veterans Hospital in Ft. Bliss, TX

Ft. Bliss is growing daily, and the new Veterans Hospital is going up on the east side of El Paso, TX. Army Combat Veteran and new Project Manager of GPRS of El Paso, Joseph Granados, takes great pride in being able to contribute to this project using the latest in GPR technology.

GPRS was recently called out to map out rebar so holes can be drilled at the base of the columns for anchors. They contacted GPRS to gain the information needed to safely drill so they didn’t compromise any existing bars during the construction process.

Once GPRS has located the reinforcing steel in your concrete structure, we will map a grid onto the surface of your structure to guide you as you drill. Utilizing this service will prevent damage to the integrity of the structure as our non-destructive technology eliminates the need for repair or patching work. Additionally, taking advantage of our expertise will minimize your risk of on-the-job injuries, accidents, and delays.

For your next project in the El Paso, TX region contact Project Manager Joseph R. Granados at 915-765-7442 or at You can also visit our website at

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